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New Project Alert

A few years ago I watched hundreds of thousands of white women in pink hats march in Washington D.C. for "equality". I also saw white women call the cops for things like being asked to leash her dog by a Black person, or because her neighbors were having a barbecue. For several years I've been ashamed to watch white woman after white woman use "feminism" as a weapon against BIPOC people of all genders, but most specifically trans and non-binary folks.

Now, it's my understanding that this bullshit has been going on in the US since 1776, my sorry ass is just late to the game. But, I'm here now, and I'm thinking about it. More importantly, I started reading and writing about it.

In that same pandemic wave of social education and justice, I watched countless companies perform their asses off with new "DEI Policies", while white feminists viciously protected their own privileges at the expense of anyone they had a modicum of power over.

There is so much infighting between groups of people, and all of it just to be in the rooms typically occupied by white men.

But throughout it all, I've wondered one thing: Is "inclusion" really what we want?

I'm not saying I want it to be okay to never hire BIPOC people, or that I want humans who do the same job to earn different wages from one another. I'm not saying cops murdering Black people is okay, or even that I support the continued existence of cops. I'm not saying #notallmen.

I'm asking, are those the rooms we (any marginalized folk) actually want to be in? Is a diverse leadership roster really the way we eradicate white supremacy, when the company itself funds the border camps?

For me, the answer is "hell no".

And I'm writing a satire about it. Here's a teaser:

Mastering the Art of Serial Killing 91.4%, that’s the percentage of serial killers that are men. Now, assuming that isn’t including transmen (the people who compile those statistics don’t seem to be interested in breaking barriers), this statistic tells me one thing, and one thing only: the field of serial killing is completely sexist. Why is it that every other year we hear about some new man who’s got a kill count higher than heart disease? Are there seriously no lady serial killers out there we could be representing? I mean, honestly, it’s 2023 already. It’s time for some friggin’ equality, am I right? Someone should do something about that. How can I, as a self respecting #girlmom, let my strong, fierce daughters grow up in a world that just refuses to acknowledge the accomplishments of badass women? Well, I guess I can’t. My name is Karen Kelsie Kensington, and I vow here and now, to make the world know that women can be just as prolific as men in serial killing. Sasha, Bethany, this is for you.

Tell me what you think in the comments!


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